Sample projects

Below is a few of the projects we've done, in previous employments and as consultants

Narratory, a dialog-first tool to create chat-bots & voice apps (for Narratory -link)

Start-to-finish building of a complete toolset to create scalable chat-bots for Google Assistant, Alexa, Web, apps and more.

Frameworks/tools: Dialogflow, ReactJS, Firebase, NextJSLanguages: Typescript

Retail assistant social robot skill for Furhat robot (for Etisalat, through Furhat Robotics)

Holistic delivery of a retail assistant robot helping customers with offline pickups, returns and personalized product recommendations.

Frameworks/tools: Furhat SDK, ReactJSLanguages: Kotlin, Javascript

Receptionist skill for Furhat robot (for Furhat Robotics)

A proof-of-concept skill for a social robot serving as a receptionist for a SME office. The robot could for example look up the where-abouts of employees using Google calendar, send slack-messages to employees if visitor would approach them or tell you where your last meeting was

Frameworks/tools: Furhat SDK, Google Calendar API, Slack APILanguages: Kotlin, Javascript

Furhat developer zone (for Furhat Robotics)

A system serving part as an externally facing developer-zone - integrating several tools and allowing downloads of the Furhat SDK - as well as being an internal CMS used to manage robots, customers, contracts etc - with several APIs to automate robot-installations, telemetry and automatic partner license generation (Google and Amazon)

Frameworks/tools: Laravel, Laravel forge, AWS IAM APILanguages: PHP, Python

This site (for ourselves)

This excellent site

Frameworks/tools: NextJS, ReactJS, NarratoryLanguages: Typescript

Spontano, an event-discovery market place (for Spontano AB)

A mobile (iOS, Android, Web) event marketplace allowing users to explore cultural events happening in Stockholm. Acquired in 2016 by Abundo.

Frameworks/tools: LaravelLanguages: Java, PHP

Matchmaking tool and CMS (for United Invitations (Invitationsdepartementet))

A tool used by the non-profit Invitationsdepartementet to manage and matchmake their thousands of participants in their dinner matchmaking programme.

Frameworks/tools: LaravelLanguages: PHP, Javascript